Connecting our alumni

Every Thursday we devote Liggett Life to news about and for our alumni, a vital part of life here at Liggett.

University Liggett School alumni are coming together on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin for the first time. The Alumni Office has a page on Facebook and a group on Linkedin. I hope that you will consider joining!

The Linkedin group in particular is growing fast, and some really cool things have been happening. One is a new subgroup created by the Alumni Board of Governors. Members of the board’s mentoring committee are using the site to help alumni network professionally. Here’s what committee member Craig Durno ’84 had to say about the subgroup they created within the alumni page:

“We all know how tough the job market is out there. Starting your job search as a recent college graduate must be a little scary these days. The Alumni Board wants to help Liggett grads find jobs by establishing a professional networking group. We are looking for alumni from a wide variety of professions to join our subgroup and act as a resource for college-age Liggett grads looking to enter the work force. If you would like to help young Liggett grads in their job search by sharing ideas about your profession, introducing them to valuable contacts or even letting them know about specific job opportunities then we encourage you to join.

“The flip side to this is how hard it is to find good people to fill job openings. If you’re an employer looking for somebody, why not consider a Liggett grad that is a part of this group?”

What a great idea, right? Now alumni all over the country can reach out to their Liggett community for help with career questions. Are you moving to a new city and looking for a job? Maybe you want information on a company before joining its board. Are you looking for fellow alumni in your area? Join the group and fire off your questions for feedback from your peers.

Recently, I wanted to see who in our alumni group worked in the technology field for an article in the spring issue of Perspective. I posted, and the response was huge! We have alumni all over the world working in medical technology, technology sales, programming and teaching. Here are posts from some of the alumni who responded to my quick note

Sue Nolff ’81: I am a professional web designer.

Angela Walton ’89: I work in international information systems for Walmart.

John Brooks ’79: I’ve been designing semiconductor chips for the last 30 yrs.

John Tintinalli ’89: I created the world’s first online transportation and logistics management system (used by Big 3 and their Tier-N supply chain), one of the first if not THE first real-time online auction platform for agricultural commodities, a mobile device based system for BMW that manages tracking/tracing of its Tier1 supply chain, e-commerce, CRM, CMS, and numerous solutions in the healthcare space (clinical data capture / EMR / CPOE, analytics, etc.)

The responses went on and on from there. All from a three-sentence post asking to connect with IT professionals. The University Liggett School alumni base is strong, and happy to help fellow grads. Visit the group for more information, and happy posting!

By Savannah Lee
Alumni Relations Manager